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Fully vaccinated people from OECD countries, countries on the EU’s positive list that Denmark has opened for, and countries that are part of the EU COVID Certificate scheme, may enter Denmark without being required to take a test and self-isolate.

Non-vaccinated people entering Denmark from countries on the EU’s positive list that Denmark has opened for must be tested after they enter Denmark.

Travelers from other countries will be required to take a test and self-isolate after entry.

Please find more information here.

The application process has two steps:
(A) Application and payment at Applyvisa for MFA Denmark and
(B) Submission of documents at the VAC.

For further information regarding requirements and documents needed, please go to New to Denmark

(A) First you submit an application on this page: https://applyvisa.um.dk/  

(B) After this, you submit biometrics and supporting documents on this page https://visa.vfsglobal.com/mli/en/dnk/
When you apply for a visa, you should choose the location where you wish to submit your application. Make sure to check that the Visa Application Center (VAC (also called VFS)) is open before going to the Visa Application Center. Visit the website of VFS Global for more information. 


The current processing time in visa cases is up to 15 days but can be longer in certain cases. 

The processing time starts from the date you submit your application at the VFS center.

We strongly encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. It is possible to apply up to 6 months prior to the desired date of entry.


Representation agreements

Denmark handles visa case processing on behalf of other Schengen countries. The representation in Bamako handles visa applications for 

Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands and Iceland (the latter both visas and residence permits). Please refer to the relevant countries' authorities for more information.

For more information please send your request here:

[email protected]